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Why choose a whole home filter?

Under-the-counter kitchen filters have been popular for some time now and with good reason. Your drinking water should be pure, meaning you should not be consuming water that contains chemicals.

(bottom) filtered water captured in a Chief whole home water filter (30 days)

(top) water after backflush

But, have you thought about how your body is consuming water in other rooms of your home?

Is the water you brush your teeth with and gargle in the bathroom clean? Is the bathtub you submerge your children in safe?

Did you know that unfiltered water can contain disease causing pathogens? Severe hard water has even been known to cause kidney stones.

Ensure that your family is consuming the cleanest water. Have a whole home filter installed by a professional. Invest in your health, your family and your home.


Bufkin Mechanical is a proud dealer of

Chief Water Treatment Systems

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